The most shocking 2019 Oscar Snubs!

The Oscars are upon us, and like every year a variety of great movies have just missed out. Of course the Oscar's aren't the be all and end all, in fact, some of the greatest movies of all time have been snubbed by the Academy.  However, the previous year was an amazing year in terms... Continue Reading →


Games I want to see adapted into movies (if they are done RIGHT!)

I wrote an article not too long ago discussing the various Hollywood movie adaptions of famous video games, and it got me thinking. Gamers have seen many classics brought to the big screen, and have walked away severely disappointed. Films such as Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil just to name a few. They... Continue Reading →

Let’s discuss Queer Cinema

It is of no surprises that me, a gay man, has some major opinions on queer representation in relation to the big screen. It is something I discuss a lot in my personal life, as it is something I genuinely care about. Since it is LGBTQ history month, I wanted to talk about Queer cinema... Continue Reading →

Velvet Buzzsaw – is it worth the hype?

For this post, I wanted to discuss a new movie that has recently been released onto Netflix - Velvet Buzzsaw. Based on the initial trailer which premiered a while back, Velvet Buzzsaw displayed a great deal of cinematography, high art, mind-bending visuals, and overall a thrilling concept for a movie. However, after watching the movie (twice),... Continue Reading →

Musicians worthy of a Bio Pic

In the past, there have been a wide variety of movies based on amazing artists. This style of movie is often received well, as they already have a fan base that the movie appeals to. A recent example being Bohemian Rhapsody. Bio pics allow us as fans to connect with some of our favourites through... Continue Reading →

Drag Race: a discussion

As a fan of drag and drag race, I personally love a funny queen.  I think the cloak of drag allows them to say some deeply disturbing stuff, and most importantly get away with it! Anyways,  in lieu of Drag Race AS4, I wanted to dive into drag in a broader sense, by discussing its... Continue Reading →

Titans: season 1 review

When it comes to the DC's newest show, Titans, there is a lot to talk about. Straight off the bat from the very first trailer, I was not sold on the concept. I remember watching the trailer, and with every frame that passed, my brain started screaming "DC IS DEAD TO ME." But, and I... Continue Reading →

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